Food Waste Management at Community Park
Posted on 04/12/2018
In the Fall of 2017, a comprehensive food waste management program was implemented for every school in the Princeton Public School System, including Community Park Elementary. Through this program, compostable organic matter is collected by schools, picked up by Central Jersey Waste & Recycling, Inc. of Ewing, NJ, and transported to American Biosoils & Compost in Tullytown, PA. Using a combination of table-top collection boxes and large rolling bins, Community

Park Elementary collects organics within the cafeteria, as well as the staff lunchroom and each classroom. The comprehensive food waste collection encompasses all food waste (including eggs, bones, shells, and spoiled foods) as well as coffee filters, tea bags, pizza boxes, soiled paper, napkins, paper towels, uncoated paper plates and cups. Before implementation began in September, there was summer training for key staff members who then met and trained the organization that runs the afterschool program on Community Park’s campus to ensure compliance.
Signs and posters were also developed to educate students, staff and visiting parents for acceptable waste, and to this day, trained students, teachers and staff keep watch to ensure that our waste continues to be properly sorted. Every day, students transport their classroom food waste from smaller table-top collection boxes to the cafeteria.There, they add it to the cafeteria waste, which is collected in large, labeled rolling collection bins. Custodial staff then ensures that cafeteria bins are dumped into the organic dumpsters in the parking lot or is used in the garden. Finally, each week, Central Jersey Waste & Recycling collects the organic waste from the appropriate dumpster and delivers it to the Tullytown composting site.

We are continuing to make our waste management program more effective and efficient for our school community. We are excited about our Terracycle program, Trex challenge project, and Crayon Initiatives as well.